AVPCL13th 2020 18th Aug - 11th Sep

ACL time:Tue 23:30、Fri 23:30 (GMT+9)(JPN,KOR time)
AL   time:Mon 23:30、Thu 23:30 (GMT+9)(JPN,KOR time)

・HOME & AWAY, AWAY goal rule
・ACL Final round & AL「In the case of Draw」
To determine the winner in the additional one match(Not Away Goal rule)

Knockout Stage The results are determined by aggregate scoring over 2 legs. If the aggregate score is tied, away goal rule applies to the team that score more goals away from home. If the aggregate scores are tied, and both away goals are the same, the fixture goes into a third match which must only result in a clear winner. Subsequent matches may be played to break any continued deadlock.


GS Standings

ACL group stage

AL group stage


ACL Knockout stage


AL Knockout stage





Match results