ACL2nd Final Round

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■Participating countries / League [Join the club] (参加国 / リーグ)

Japan(日本) / JSL[15]
HongKong(香港) / HKVPL[36]
Korea(韓国) / FPK[15]
Taiwan(台湾) / TFPL[16]

Representative club

SeafoodBall [Broadcast]
Four Star Frog [Broadcast]
TOKYO HOT [Broadcast]
After 9 FC [Broadcast]

HK ForeverAlone [Broadcast]
ALTIMA [Broadcast①]
ESPOIR [Broadcast]
ASIA AVENGERS [Broadcast①]

LE United [Broadcast]
Team IKU [Broadcast]
Named [Broadcast]
FC Athlete [Broadcast]

Happy Time TW [Broadcast]
Ball8 United [Broadcast]
AT HTC [Broadcast]
Aluba TW [Broadcast]



・Join the club representatives Skype Chat required(参加クラブ代表はSkype Chat必須)
・No glitch
・No provocative Actions
・Interference prohibition to GK (Scoring invalid [interference, pushing,])
・Broadcast on Ustream or twich, and Archive.


・Home & Away
・Away goal rule
・Any = OK
・GK = OK

Final Round
「In the case of Draw」

・To determine the winner in the additional one match
(Not Away Goal rule)

[ACL player registration rules(ACL選手登録ルール)]
・Player additional freedom (選手登録は自由)
・Double registration of ACL played club ban (ACL出場クラブ間での2重登録は禁止)
(Referred to as the defeat of 0-3 when a double registered player has played) (2重登録の選手が出場した試合は0-3の負け扱いとする)
• To submit a list of players until August for Skype (8月末までにスカイプで選手登録リスト提出)
・If the point is the same.
It determined in the same way as the reality of CL.


・Other detailed rules apply here.


■ACL2nd Schedule

[Group stage]
・September 1(Tu)  2015 (JST:23:30 ~ Two games)
・September 4 (Fri) 2015 (JST:24:30 ~ Two games)
・September 8(Tu)  2015 (JST:23:30 ~ Two games)

・September 11 (Fri) 2015 (JST:24:30 ~ H&A)
・September 15(Tu)  2015 (JST:23:30 ~ H&A)
・September 18 (Fri) 2015 (JST:24:30 ~ H&A)