■■■■■ AVPCL Rules ■■■■■

win(3p) draw(1p) lose(0p)

●Ranking rule
If some team gets same points, rank is will determined by below rule(sequentially applied from top).
1. Goal difference
2. Total goals
3. Match result of teams which have same points
3.1 Points
3.2 Goal difference
3.3 Total goals
3.4 Away goals
4. Country ranking(previous 5 seasons)
5. Drawing

・Join the club representatives Discord Chat required.
・Broadcast and Archive.
(To prevent silence by copyright, it requires the following settings.
FIFA HOME → customize → EA SPORTS TRAX → music all of)

from the ACL knockout tournament, need for submitting match videos by YouTube broadcast and PS4 record videos.
[Subject teams]
Team of advance to knockout tournament
[How to Record]
・Match lobby screen ~ Match end
・Set the PS4 recording time to 60 minutes.
・Home, Away, record separately.
[Reporting date]
Until a day after match
[How to submit]
· After upload youtube, submit URL to organizers
· After the file is upload sharing site, submit to organizers
“each team manager submits to the organizer”
[The penalty]
Teams who didn’t submit it, can’t advance to the next round.

・GK = OK
・Any = NO
・Final round & AL is Away goal rule
・No glitch(Don’t use glitch at Pro Clubs after ACL/AL in any cases “only ACL/AL’s day”)
・No provocative Actions
・Interference prohibition to GK (Scoring invalid [interference, pushing,])
・ACL knockout stages & AL tournament, if 2 matches are level at the end of normal playing time, play the 3rd match, extra time shall be played until penalty game.
・upper teams – 1st match home (host)
1st A team 0-0 B team
2nd B team 0-0 A team
3rd A team 1-1 B team → extra time → PK

To determine the winner in the additional one match(Not Away Goal rule)
・Not allow a match other than the team name registered in ACL. the club loses the match by default (0-5).
・After ACL/AL game, the team using the glitch prohibits playing FIFA ProClubs seasons. (Not applicable except for ACL game day)
[ About glitch violation report ]
Before the game or until immediately after the match, please report on the glitch players violation is saved with uninterrupted video and report it (with videos) to organizer.
Other reports will be invalid.
・”Weak foot” skill bug is also a glitch
・upper teams – 1st match home (host)
・home team will invite

●ACL player registration rules
・Adding players during the tournament is prohibited
・Double registration of ACL&AL played club ban.
・Referred to as the defeat of 0-5 when a double registered player has played.
・All team must submit a list of player to organizer or website until deadline
・Registered player upper limit 25 people

①You can postpone the match If opponent club agrees.
In such case, you must inform the organizer the rescheduled date and time via Discord.
Rescheduled match must be played by no later than the matches scheduled next date.
(In the case of the finals, it does within a week.)

If the other party does not agree, the match has to be played as originally planned.

②in case a club failed to show up within 10 minutes from the scheduled kick-off time,
the opponent wins by default (5-0).

③HOME club shall invite AWAY club (Friendly Match Mode) to start the match.
In case any error occurs, AWAY club can invite HOME club, upon the agreement of both clubs.

④Match Shirts of both HOME and AWAY clubs should not be in similar colors,
must determined by both clubs in advance.

⑤Match casting should be broadcasted by both HOME and AWAY clubs,
should also be saved to Match Archive.

⑥When players are kicked out by unavoidable technical error such as freeze BEFORE ”Kick-Off”,
club manager should promptly inform the opponent via Discord and setup the re-match, as soon as possible.

⑦If team cannot start the match by some trouble after 10 minutes from starting time of match, the match is postponed at the end of the match day or please both of team captain adjust the time and date of re-match.

【During Match】

①If one or more player lost the connection, team must continue the match.
If match is ended by intentional losting connection, the team lose and match result is treated as 0-3.

①All of the game, reserves the right to make a re-match to opponent twice. (HOME team 2times、AWAY team 2times)

new!!・necessary for your team’s all players to disconnect by game time 14:49 after kick off and a disconnection error message is displayed on opponent screen.
new!!・If confirmed that the time limit has been exceeded, the team will be in violation and be a penalty “-1” goal.
・If the rematch was carried out 3 or more times, the lost of 0-5 as a foul defeated.
・Rematch to end the game as soon as possible. If you put the score in the re-match, the score is counted.

②If almost of team members cannnot continue the match by external factor(ex. EA server fault or disaster):
③If any unavoidable technical error such as server bug occurs AFTER ”Kick-Off” and when the match suspended:
[within 1st Half]: rematch – wait until the minute suspended then start playing.
[within 2nd Half]: rematch – wait until the minute suspended [subtract 45mins] then start playing. The rematch ends at 45th minute. (e.g. if the match suspended at 60th minute [15th minute in 2nd half], wait until 15 minutes[in 1st half of rematch])
Aggregate Score will be counted.
If it became a resumption difficult
【Pre-Match】Apply the ⑦


[Match Result Report]

①Both HOME and AWAY Club managers must report the match result immediately after each match ends,
to Discord Group 【★ACL Match Result】 in the format specified below.
——–【Match Result Format】——–


□□□□ 【 】 vs 【 】 □□□□



退場(sent off)
②Player rejected from match by Red Card / 2 Yellow Cards, misses next 1 match.
Name of suspended player(s) should be informed to the organizer before next match begins.
If suspended player plays match during his suspension period, the club loses the match by default (0-5)


①Only the players on the submitted list will be permitted to take part in the competition.
If any club played a match with non-listed player, the club loses the match by default (0-5).

②Unsporting behaviour and any actions breaching “Fair-Play” are all prohibited:

・Interfering the goalkeeper who is in the process of releasing the ball.
Interfering the goalkeeper unfairly at set piece.
(goals caused by GK interference are all invalid)

・Actions showing no respect to opponent / Provocative Actions
Overuse of unnecessary Ball Juggle Skill moves in own defending area
Overuse of unnecessary Sliding Tackles totally unrelated to game play
Goalkeeper’s meaningless attacking participation

③If player intentionally boost the ability by glitch, the player will be banned permanently from the league.
The player’s belonging club also MAY be banned hereafter.
④When a glitch is detected, the corresponding game shall be 0-5, and the player be exiled permanently

⑤Goals by GK charge is invalid(Regardless unintentional and intentional).
・Captain of team have been taken the goal, please submit the videos(was recorded the seane) to manager.
・If there is no declaration or video, the goal is recognized officially.

⑥If it is found a insult or inappropriate behavior through psn-message or SNS to someone, the player will be penalized.
If improvement is not observed, the player cannot attend this league and team to which the player belong will be penalized.


①If a club failed to fulfill the obligation to play all scheduled matches during the competition period,
the result of all matches will be recorded as 0-5 loss by default, the club also might be banned from the league until further notice

②The league organizer makes a judgment on application of above rules and regulations.
Final decision is always made by the league organizer, which have full authority.

➂Score due to back pass glitch to GK is invalid
※Video report required